Düsseldorf is a city of many different faces and races. It is also called” Pearl on the Rhine”. So many students, both local and international students, enjoy learning in this creative environment and atmosphere at the Rhine River. This area also has the longest bar in the world.

Before getting to Düsseldorf there is an interview that one partakes, there are many universities and institutions in this area. Many courses are offered to both international and local students, as we all know, in Germany, tertiary education is offered for free in public universities.

The Future Generations Institute will help you through this adventure, in getting a place to stay and your life as a student in Düsseldorf.

Life as a student in Düsseldorf

The rents in Düsseldorf are not too highly rated. However, they are higher compared to other areas. If You do not need to live in the city center they are a bit cheaper. You will spend around four hundred euros for a tiny flat. On the other hand, this area also shares the title of the so-called “Schickeria” with Munich. In Düsseldorf, there are so many rich people living in the area. There are also so many fancy stores and shops. However, as a student, you will not go in them.

On the other side, on your everyday basic needs, you might spend around three hundred euros. This obviously depends on your standard and your way of living, so for instance, if you like to go out a lot, then you will have to spend more. As a student 600–700 € should be fine for you to spend.

It is also advisable to go for a shared apartment; this will be quite cheaper. It may cost about 300-400 Euros. However, there is no need to worry about finding a place to stay, The Future Generations Institute is here to help, we will help you find the best apartment depending on your budget.

The biggest city in Düsseldorf is Königsallee, in this city, most of the younger people speak English so there are no worries of social relationships. This city has very high security, great culture, and a tremendous bar scene. If you decide to live in this area you will have a good time.

Work experience as a student

It has been proven that working as a student in Düsseldorf Germany is very advantageous, especially to international students. The working experience is very important especially when you are going to do your profession.

There are many options from which a student can choose to work in Düsseldorf;

Option 1; You can volunteer to work as an intern at a non-governmental organization in Düsseldorf. As a volunteer, you can work for at least 6weeks.

Option 2; you can also work for an enterprise as an intern.

There are many options for work you can choose to do to boost your career once you venture into the market. However, you can work for other places like stores, restaurants, and hotels part time if you need to get upkeep money. It is allowed, as long as it does not affect your studies and class attendance, moreover there is a limit on the amount of time every student is allowed to work.

The Future Generations Institute is your answer for all the help you need about staying in Düsseldorf as a student. We never disappoint!

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