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How is Students Life in Germany

few details that wil help as a student

The main problem that international students often go through is adapting to new environment. Others tend to shy off from the local student due to the rumors heard from their country. What international students don’t know is that it is almost the same for local students. However, no need to worry! The Future Generations Institute is here to walk with you every step of the way. We are going to familiarize you with the German life as a student and answer all question you have.

Do not expect crazy college partying

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Students life in Germany
From the experience of the colleges from your home, you might expect that things will be the same in Germany. That is not the case. College parties in Germany are entirely different and simple. A group of friends simply gather and go to a local bar, drink a few beers and talk.
You might be lucky to meet someone new. This form partying has proven to be healthier, sensible for your brain and also favors your wallet.
This however does not mean that there are no cool parties in Germany, there are! It is not common and not positively embraced, like drinking yourself to blackout.
What are German people like?
This might be the first question you ask yourself. Inside the university, their university staff is okay and friendly; they try their best to make you feel at home and be accommodated. This is not the opposite once you are out of the university.
German people might be considered the friendliest but let’s say you ask one a question and don’t see a smile on their face while answering you don’t worry, that is simply their nature, they are serious and reserved people.
Language barrier
There are no worries in language barrier when it comes to the classes you take even though before enrolling you learned Germany. In big cities like Berlin, the residents speak good English, so there is no problem if you are going to be in such places. However, in the smaller town, you will have to speak in the German language, at a conversational level.

Social life

The big cities particularly have bars, restaurants, social events, museums and so many festivals. This means that you will never get bored while out of school, there is always something to do. The universities also organize so many student events and clubs that you can join and engage during your leisure time. You can also attend student parties. Moreover, social life in Germany is quite conservative. It is not easy to make your way into conversations with your foreign accent, at times people find it hard to understand you. Unlike other countries staffs like dating in Germany take a step at a time, you become friends first then you can like each other for who they are.


Most students choose to leave the student resident due to cost. Out of the monthly expenses, most of it is spent on housing. However, there are universities that might help you get accommodation. Moreover, institutes like ours will walk you through the process of finding accommodation.

Transportation with a bicycle

Getting a driver’s license in Germany is quite a hustle, so bikes are the most popular form of transport in Germany. Moreover, it is cheap and does not need so much maintenance. The bicycle lane is very respected by drivers in Germany. For instance, Münster considered as the capital of bicycles in Germany. Students in Göttingen and Freiburg love bicycles as well. Almost all students in this places have bikes!
Life in Germany as a student is not hard at all, catching up is easy, and life will soon be as simple as it is back at home. With the help of Future Generation team, then you are good to go.

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