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Tuition free Universities

Germany is listed as one of the countries that offer quality education. It has the best universities worldwide. As if that is not enough, Germany’s government provides free education!

Who can study for free??

Everyone can study in Germany for free, regardless of your race, origin or background. Germans, Europeans, and non-Europeans can all study in German with no tuition fee required. However, this only applies to public universities. Moreover, one will need a residential permit to study in Germany and will have to finish their studies from there.

Study for free in Germany

Why is it for free?

You might think that Germany has a poor education quality that’s why they offer free education. No! It’s the total opposite. Most public universities in Germany are ranked top 100 in the world. The fact that education is offered for free is in their government, any degree that you will get from German universities is respected. You will have so many career opportunities to choose from. In Germany, education is not regarded as a commercial product, rather a tool to improve the economy and boost the countries level, due to the growing population. Earlier tuition fees were charged, but that was recently dropped in 2014. Germany also wants to get the smartest brains worldwide into their country. This way the state is also improving their social standards.

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Why free universities

Are there any extra costs?

You do not have to have doubts about tuition fee or your studies to be cut short of your studies at any moment. Germany is one of the most affordable European countries. However, larger cities are much more expensive to leave in than smaller towns. The general cost of living is average, about $700-$800 including rent, transport, internet, leisure, food, health insurance and study materials.

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Remember only public universities offer free tuition. If you go to a private university, you will have to pay the tuition fee. Private schools, however, do provide some special courses, since they are in completion with public universities. In Germany, there are consecutive and non-consecutive Master programs. If you choose to go non-consecutive, it will cost you tuition fees even in public universities. Non-consecutive Master programs require a whole lot of working experience, in consecutive you enroll just after you are done with your bachelors. The cities where you choose to study also matters, some public universities charge tuition fees.

What courses can I take?

Whatever the course you want to pursue, be it law, engineering, architecture or medicine, Germany is the place to be. There are many scholarships offered in Germany for everyone. There is an official scholarship database that lets you choose scholarships of your choice for instance if you’d like it to be based on your origin.

What about after I graduate

You are probably asking yourself, what about after graduation? There is nothing to worry about; you can still stay and work in Germany after school. However, you will have to apply for the 18 months permitted. With that, you will be able to find a job with the job seeker visa, any job that suits your qualification within the 18 months.

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