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Seven reasons to study in Germany

Germany is among the famous Europe destinations that offer high-quality education. Most students in Germany, come from abroad. Germany is a great place, and their degrees are highly recognized all over the world. There so many reasons why you should study in Germany;

① Top Quality education.

The quality of education in Germany is the best in the world. Germany will give you a world class degree that will help you in pursuing your dreams and career. It will automatically mark you as an international student, and you will be able to work anywhere. Your internationally renowned degree will make your first choice in any job that you seek somewhere you like.

② Low or no tuition fee

In Germany, public universities offer free education to everyone, regardless of race or origin. If you decide to go to a public university, then you will receive extra special classes, at low tuition fees. Although Master’s programs ask for tuition fees, they are relatively lower compared to other countries.

③ Affordable cost of living

In addition to the fact that no tuition fee is paid in public universities and low tuition fees in private universities, the general cost of living is average, about $700-$800 including rent, transport, internet, leisure, food, health insurance and study materials. Students in Germany also enjoy some minor privileges, like going to a theater is cheaper for a student, unlike other European countries.

④ Germany is a beautiful country

Germany has a beautiful historical heritage. It is the fascinating country among the European states. It is an ideal tourist destination due to the natural wonders it has. Germany is also a safe country in comparison to other countries. Its economy and politics are stable. There is guaranteed peace in Germany. Germany offers beauty and diversity, during your free time, away from studies, you can visit, a museum, cinema, go swimming in a lake, sit on the beer garden, walk along the beach, visit an old castle or even go hiking. You can never get bored in Germany!

⑤ Easy interaction

When studying in Germany, you will learn many languages due to the presence of student of different diversities. You will make new friends from different racial background and diversity; you will be able to learn about other religion and beliefs and boost your social skills. You will also be able to speak in both German and English. However, if studying German is hard, no need to be fluent in German, most classes are also given in English, especially masters programs. Moreover, most degree courses are offered in English.

⑥ Scholarships

There are so many scholarships offered in Germany for international students to fund their studies by DAAD and also many political and business foundations. At the moment hundreds of scholarships programs are offered for higher education. It is amazing that on top of free education the scholarship also caters for the cost of living and upkeep.

⑦ Working while studying

Isn’t it amazing that you can study and also be able to work? If you can be able to double deal the there is no hindrance in doing what you want! Working while studying is important, it improves so many skills of a student, you will improve your interaction skills, and also be able to cater for the expenses that the scholarship won’t, like paying for special classes that you might want to take. If you are able to manage that, then do not lose this opportunity, Germany is definitely the ideal place to pursue your dreams!
There are many scholarship programs offered in Germany. Getting to Germany is easy no hustle, you won’t go through so much trouble to study in Germany. In addition to that, there are no language barrier problems. After studying in Germany, you can still pursue your dream career there and work in Germany. German is a very popular language, but you can still study in English. You will improve your social skills on top of the high-quality education provided. Germany is the place to pursue all your dreams.

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