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Accomodation for Students in Germany

Apply earlier before you get to Germany

As an international student, we suggest before getting to Germany; you find a place to stay. This might be a bit hard when you get there, depending on the fact that you are new and you know nothing about the place. German students either live in private accommodation or the students’ hall of residence. Unlike other countries, Germany does not allocate students room to stay in, so you will have to find accommodation yourself. The international office at the university can offer advice and suggestions depending on your financial stability. It is important to find a place to stay before getting to Germany.

Student residence halls

In every university town, there are student residence halls. These are the most affordable places a student can stay. However, due to the low prices, there is high demand from students. Therefore, it is important to apply or book earlier before you get to Germany. At Future Generation Institute, we offer residential services, once you apply for a room at the student residence hall we will ensure you a comfortable stay.

Once you get the notification of admission, you should apply. The student’s service organization processes the application and is in charge of rooms allocation at the student residence halls. An accommodation finder is a tool that finds information about your local students’ accommodation. With a few clicks, you can send an application to the student service organization for a room at the student residence hall.

In some universities, the international office is responsible for students’ room allocation. If this is the case in your place, consult with the international office on how to get the best accommodation.
Private accommodation

Private accommodation varies hugely like elsewhere in the world. In Germany, you will find everything, furnished or unfurnished rooms. You can rent the entire flat or a room, and in flat shares, there are also rooms.

In one flat share, several people live together. The advantage is that everyone gets to have their bedroom, but the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room and sometimes the telephone costs and internet are shared. This is a very popular thing among university students.

One disadvantage of private accommodation, you can only sign the rental contract once you get to Germany. This means that you only do it in person. However, with the improved technology, you can book an apartment online and view them once you arrive in Germany. At Future Generation Institute, a student is also free to choose their place of stay as they wish.

The first nights

When you arrived in Germany, you don’t have a place to stay you need to clarify where you will be the first few nights. At some universities and institutions, like the Future Generation Institute, the student service organization offers new students a place to stay the first few nights before they get a permanent place to stay.

Of course, you can always stay at a hotel, a pension house or a youth hostel if you feel like it. However, if you want a room at the youth hostel, you must be a national association of the international youth federation member. If you are not a member yet, you can join by applying for a minimal fee at any hostel in Germany whether near your city university or not.

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