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Visa for Studying in Germany

Are you dreaming of studying abroad? Depending on where you come from, you will have to apply for a student’s or student applicant visa.

Types of visas

There are two types of visas:

1.Student applicant visa

If you have not received an invitation to a German university, then you will apply for this type of visa. It will allow you to stay for three months which might be extended to up to 6 months. While in Germany if you are enrolled into an institution, then you can apply for the student’s visa within this period.

2.student’s visa

This applies to students who have already received an application from a German university. Its valuable for three months, however, if your duration of study is exceeding three months, you can extend it at the Alien Registration office in Germany.

How and where to apply

o get a Germany visa visit or contact the German embassy in your home area. The earlier and quicker you go to the embassy the earlier you will get your visa. You should schedule time for your visa interview, on that day you must provide your visa application documents. You need to be cautious with how you answer the questions because this will determine whether you are a potential candidate or not.

Non-EU students


You must have an acceptance letter from the German institution where you are going to study.

Then after you are required to have the following documents to apply for a Germany visa; recent photos for every applicant, proof of language proficiency, letter from the institute, all education documents, proof of money for upkeep and expenditure, valid travel insurance and Travelling documents or passport.

You are also required to provide proof that your health is okay and stable and that you have health insurance documents.

A fee of 60 Euro is require to pay for your visa.

Admission applications are made directly to the institute that enrolled you, the visa application is submitted to any German embassy near you, please check the embassies before going there.

EU students

Luckily for EU students, there are no restrictions it is a bit simpler for them. They only need an id card to validate their identity to enter the country. And as soon as you are settled in the country, you can now visit the registration office to issue you a stay permit in the state. Sometimes students from EU are regarded as German students.

Work and study

Do you wish to work while you are studying in Germany? Then I have good news for you, as a student with a visa you are also allowed to work while studying! During the semester, working hours must not exceed 20 hours a week. Exceptions are when you can decide to work during weekend, after classes or at night it’s all up to you. This is different during the semester break, there no restrictions.

According to the law of immigration, foreign students are allowed to work for 120 days. This also includes the first year of stay.

Some of the essential things one needs to know as a visa applicant.

  • You must appear in person to the interview.
  • Do not stick your photographs on the application form.
  • Do not take anyone with you to the interview.
  • Make sure you complete filling the form and do everything that is required, or else it can be rejected.
  • Your passport must be valid for the amount of time you intend to stay in Germany.
  • Keep in mind that additional documents might be required by the registration officer.
  • Visa appointments are only made through the online system, and not through calls, text messages or fax.
  • The visa fee is not refunded in case of rejection.


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